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Core Value 3 - Growing Together as Partners

Our core value includes:

  • We must constantly follow up internally and externally what we do in order to spot deviations from our core values so that we continuously improve what we do and increase loyalty internally and externally.
  • What we do is not enveloped in secrecy. The greater the open-minded atmosphere, the greater the opportunity for attracting employees and clients and the greater the likelihood for improvements in the working environment and favourable business results.
  • We give clients the right tools and encourage them to give us constructive feedback in order to make sure that we maintain our core values and become better in everything we do, both inside and outside the firm.
  • We are readily available for each customer to the greatest extent possible. Everyone in the firm is at your service. This approach also coincides with the two core values above.
  • The Zacharias Law Firm grows together with our clients; alone, we stagnate.